Trade Fireplace Restoration

/Trade Fireplace Restoration

Gunnersbury Park Museum


Gunnersbury Park Museum: Former home of Nathan de Rothschild, consisting in the restoration of a single fireplace. The Chimneypiece is Italian Baroque in white statuary marble (circa 1780). Contractor: Quinn London  2018 It is carved from many pieces of marble and has over 120 individual carved flowers. The Register grate is made of cast iron [...]

Gunnesbury Park Fireplace Restoration


Gunnesbury Park Contractor: Quinn London. The restoration work consisted of restoring the most important fireplace in this large Georgian Manor House. The chimney piece was in statuary marble, we believe carved in Italy. The chimney piece is carved in the baroque style circa 1780. it has 2 carved putti to the corners, supporting [...]

Berkeley Square Mayfair Fireplace Restoration


Berkeley Square Mayfair A very large and ornately carved statuary marble chimney piece about 1730 believed to be by William Kent. The fireplace is magnificently carved, depicting Bacchus, the Roman God of wine and frivolity. It has a tablature (centre piece )of putti being corrupted by sayters with some of the best carving we [...]

Grosvenor Crescent Embassy Fireplace Restoration


Grosvenor Crescent Embassy Grosvenor Crescent London Contractor: Wilmott Dickson Interiors The restoration consisted of restoring seven  18th and early 19th century mable chimney pieces. A statuary French marble chimney piece,  Empire in style with ormolu mounts in a theme of hunting. Circa 1820 As one of the principal rooms the standard and [...]

Cheyne Walk Fireplace Restoration


Cheyney Walk  London Chelsea  sw3 Contractor: Abercorn Construction / Peregrine Bryant Architecture and conservation The Project connsisted  of restoring  11 fireplaces and suppling 4  fireplaces in a large early Georgian house on the Thames here are 3 of the best fireplaces we restored In the McDonald room was a large Georgian statuary marble [...]

Canada House Fireplace Restoration


Canada House Trafalgar Square London Contractor: Overbury Major Projects In the McDonald room was a large Georgian statuary marble chimney piece with cast iron register and marble hearth. The chimney piece was very dirty and had many chips and marks. It was cleaned and repaired with marble pieces let in on larger chips [...]