Project Description

Gunnesbury Park

Contractor: Quinn London.

The restoration work consisted of restoring the most important fireplace in this large Georgian Manor House.

The chimney piece was in statuary marble, we believe carved in Italy. The chimney piece is carved in the baroque style circa 1780. it has 2 carved putti to the corners, supporting a serpentine shelf and in each hand holding a garland of flowers which follow across the frieze and meet on the central putti, the jambs are each carved from of a single piece of marble and beautifully carved, there are over 350 individually carved flowers over the whole fireplace and each flower is different and anatomically correct to the pieces, the depth of the carving and undercutting is brilliantly executed and one wonders how the mason got his chisels into such awkward spaces,the putti are also very well carved but where slightly worn from being touched many many times which is understandable as the the putti are so tangible. The mantelpiece was badly worn and damaged to the front edge, to the top were many stains.

The cast iron register grate is period to the chimney piece but unusually has cut crystal glass details and mouldings applied to the face, unfortunately these where in slightly less good condition compared to the chimney piece.


The marble was cleaned of all dirt and grime, it may have not been cleaned for many decades, once cleaned a clear wax applied and buffed to a sheen, this will protect it for the  future. Where the shelf was damaged, matching marble was inlaid and recarved.

The cast iron insert was cleaned, a graphite coat applied and buffed, all the cut glass that could be removed was cleaned an reapplied.