Project Description

Canada House

Trafalgar Square London

Contractor: Overbury Major Projects

In the McDonald room was a large Georgian statuary marble chimney piece with cast iron register and marble hearth.

The chimney piece was very dirty and had many chips and marks.

It was cleaned and repaired with marble pieces let in on larger chips and wax finished the cast iron register was graphite finished and the marble hearth was repolished.

Phase 1

We where commissioned to remove a statuary Georgian marble fireplace, register grate and marble hearth, due to construction work. We then  fully restored the complete fireplace and reinstalled.

Phase 2

We where commissioned to restore four other important fireplace in the building  in situ.

The main entrance (lobby) he main entrance comprised of  a pair of empire convent sienna and Spanish Brocatelle chimney pieces with bronze embellishments and cast iron registers.

The marble chimney pieces where  grimy and had missing parts, which where replaced and the whole chimney piece was cleand and wax finished brining it back to life. The cast iron registers was graphite finished and buffed.

In the High commissioners office was a simple Georgian Carrera marble. Surround with an oval hearth that was badly damaged.

We cleaned and polished the surround and replaced the hearth to the same specification.