Project Description

Berkeley Square Mayfair

A very large and ornately carved statuary marble chimney piece about 1730 believed to be by William Kent. The fireplace is magnificently carved, depicting Bacchus, the Roman God of wine and frivolity. It has a tablature (centre piece )of putti being corrupted by sayters with some of the best carving we have seen outside of Rome.

Across the frieze either side of the centrepiece is grape vines incredibly carved with delicate foliage and fruit you could almost pick, either side of the frieze is a term holding up the break front shelf these are of Bacchus and Ariadne, both carved with great composition and expression.

You really can see joy in the terms  faces. Ariadne has a lion pelt wrapped around her and Bacchus has a goat both beautifully carved both symbolising Zeus.

The shelf has a verity of mouldings and two of these where exquisitely carved an egg and dart mould and a waterleaf mould (Cyma reversa) it also has a pediment section to give the whole chimney piece more presence.


The marble chimney piece was in very good condition and there was very little damage considering the age. It had not been cleaned for many decades.

The fireplace was cleaned to remove all the dirt, grime soot and nicotine, we did not over restore the chimney piece as to keep the original surface and the ivory marble colour which only comes from many years of use, once cleaned it had a wax applied and buffed this is to protect it for many years to come.

The client was very pleased with the results as where we.

This very large highly carved statuary chimney piece dates from 1780 and we believe to be by the Adam brothers . The whole fireplace is carved top to bottom in very fine carving that is delicate and refined  to the finest detail there is so much carving and so much to see the pictures may not do it justice from tiny little insects, cameos of gods, flowers foliage reclining nymphs and much more to see.


The fireplace had a few bad chips to the shelf on the corners which had matching Mable let in and recarved,to the back of the shelf a section had colapsed and broken which was removed, repaired and reinstalled the marble carving was dirty but in good condition a few stains on the frieze and some wear  on the inside returns.

The surround was cleaned and waxed.

A reasonably small Georgian fireplace circa 1730 in statuary Mable carved in the neoclassical taste symbolising Diana the goddess of the hunt the moon and fertility.

It has two female half terms either side of the jambs and a carved frieze with swags of fruit and a cartouche with a bore head and sea, on the bore head is a carved crest of the moon.


The marble chimney piece was in very good condition but incredibly dirty there was a lot of paint from previous room decorations splashed  on the fireplace as well.

The surround was cleaned and waxed.