We have collected, over many years, a large range of Antique Fireplace Tiles, from many manufacturers, such as Minton, Hollins & Co, Minton's China Works,T & R Boote Ltd, Copeland & Sons, Sherwin & Cotton and Wedgwood to name but a few.

These tiles are in many designs, such as Tube Line, Majolica, Transfer, Hand Painted and Barbotine. Styles we have include Floral, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Aesthetic. We also have many single tiles and smaller sets (6 or less). Please see our range, we are adding to this all the time.

All sets of 10 fireplace tiles tend to have slight damage around the vertical sides and the very top tile due to them being inside a cast iron insert. Almost all of the damage is covered by the cast iron tiled insert.

1025 – Tile set of 10 Art Nouveau

Yellow & Green
Circa: 1895 - 1900


1026 – Tile set of 10 Art Nouveau

Green, Blue, Cream Background (probable T and R Boote) Moulded Majolica, 2 flowers trellis and foliage, Circa: 1905


1032 – Wheat Sheathe One colour transfer

Circa 1885


1033 – Blossom and Butterfly tile

circa 1880


1034 – Plain Edwardian green tiles

Circa: 1905


1035 – Pink and white abstract design

Circa: 1900


1036 – Majolica gold and pale blue flower design

Circa: 1895