Antique Fireplace Sales

Fireplace Restorations Date Range Of Antique Fireplaces Beautifully Restored Back to former Glory

salesGeorgian Fireplaces (1714 to 1820)

It was in the reign of George III that Neo Classicism was at its height with styles taken from Greco Roman Antiquity. The brothers Robert and James Adam followed other designers, such as William Kent in adopting themes seen on the Grand Tour.

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salesRegency Fireplaces (1811 to 1830)

This is the period where the Prince Regent (George the IV) took the reigns of the monarchy from his father Goerge III for 9 years, until his father's death. This is a lovely period for design, very elegant fine relief carving and a period of real opulence, fine Register Grates and beautiful tracery worked baskets, many varieties of marbles. One of the classic designs of the period is the roundel and Register hob.

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salesVictorian Fireplaces (1837 to 1901)

This period of fireplaces, has the most styles and materials of any with the age of the Industrial Revolution and many new techniques in building, the variety is quite amazing. There are many styles in this period as the Victorian took inspiration from many places, Classical revival, Gothic revival, Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts. There are a couple of styles you do see in many a living room, the traditional Victorian Corbel the Flat Top and the Victorian Arch.

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salesEdwardian Fireplaces (1901 to 1910)

A slightly more simple design period gone have the heavy carvings taking inspiration from the Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts which began towards the end of the Victorian period. There is a cross over and it is some times difficult to tell if it is late Victorian or Edwardian but by the end of the Edwardian period there is a clear difference. One main theme of the Edwardian fireplace is the tiles, almost all drawing and living room fireplaces had tile sets in a cast iron insert.

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